The Jetstream of Success by Julian Pencilliah @_Jetstream


The Jetstream of Success book offers you the framework to become a student of your own history. It helps you to redefine yourself and as a result, your future. Life is meant to be a synchronistic journey of achieving your dreams. We need to define and quantify our processes of achieving success. The Jetstream of Success will school you in a vast range of awareness and frame very strong criteria to measure your intellectual processes against; allowing you to reinvent yourself more conducive to your success.

Targeted Age Group: 13 +

How is Writing In Your Genre Different from Others?
My genre (self help / personal development) is judged more critically that others so what I write has to be a higher standard. Anything that is not deeply insightful is instantly rejected.

What Advice Would You Give Aspiring Writers?
Rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. Its a competitive industry so you need to ensure that what you are writing is of the highest standard.

Author Bio:
I am an entrepreneur and investor, residing between Cape Town and San Francisco. I established my business framework and intellectual processes within the South African business arena and have since been visionary in identifying highly profitable investments and other opportunities on a global scale.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My basic finding in life is that people prove to be their own worst enemies. Learning how to self-evaluate and mitigate risk, while evaluating economic principles, is what allowed me to free myself of my limitations and engage myself in a broader spectrum. With The Jetstream of Success I am offering others the platform to do the same.