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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs. Legends create history everyday. The status of being a legend is reserved for the chosen few who believe they are destined for greatness. Achieving success is your ability to eliminate the weaknesses and biases that are inherent within yourself. History tells us that not all greats have off-the-chart IQs, nor are they born with limitless freedom. In fact, it is this triumph over less than favorable circumstances and their determination to achieve that we tend to respect the most. The people who have changed the world are people like you and I.

They set out to achieve outstanding results and make their decisions within intellectual criteria. All the greats have engaged a higher impulse, a higher bandwidth, and an inherent strength. [Pg. 43, The Jetstream of Success] The Jetstream of Success, written by businessman Julian Pencilliah, is filled with intellectual processes and crystallized wisdom intended to help the reader become more sophisticated in their thinking.

As powerful as the lessons are, they require context through which a sense of connection is developed with the reader. For this reason Julian uses his real-life experiences during his journey across the world as analogies to aid the reader to identify with and unveil the potential within themselves.

The Jetstream of Success has been written to help the reader reinvent themselves so as to be more aligned to their goals. The book is not intended as an easy read. In fact, it is designed to challenge its readers to take a leap of vision and imagination, to piece together an ever-greater and clearer understanding of themselves so they can redefine their lives and, in the process, determine their own futures.

The Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns for The Jetstream of Success were architected around the locations of the chapters, in effect taking our audiences on a unique global journey. Whether it entailed going face-to-face on a dive with Great White sharks in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, dancing the samba at the Rio Carnival or joining Virgin billionaire Sir Richard Branson on a game drive, our audiences were kept captivated by regular updates posted on social media platforms in anticipation of the book launch.

The entire professional team and staff complement have invested significant thought, creativity and effort in The Jetstream of Success since the inception of the project plan. The offline campaigns, complemented by the digital strategists’ online marketing strategies, supported the promotion of the book on the Top 10 Best Sellers list of Kindle books in Self help for five consecutive months.

Julian mandated the professional team to source the human capital with the industry expertise to brand and market this project. This resulted in the creation of a team of creative intellectual mavericks comprising of: creative directors, market researchers, publicists, product developers, designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, digital strategists and web developers. This team spearheaded the campaign to highlight Julian Pencilliah‘s experiences within the chapters of the book.This lead to an increase in brand traction, offline corporate sales, ranking on Amazon and social media followers across all platforms.


Jetstream Formula One Car

The book culminates in a chapter on the Monaco Grand Prix, which helps the reader develop a Formula One attitude towards the race of life. Julian Pencilliah raced several Formula One cars in Europe. He was so enthused by this driving experience that he went to the extent of buying his own Formula One car as a personal collector’s item.

The Jetstream team later branded this vehicle, along with Julian’s personal Ferrari and Lamborghini, for the purposes of offline marketing campaigns with companies such as Virgin.

Large audiences were also attracted to Julian’s book, The Jetstream of Success, due to these vehicles being integrated into the corporate sales campaigns.

Julian Pencilliah Drives a Formula 1 car in France:

Jetstream Team on the scene

For those motoring enthusiasts among you, the accolades of the Formula One car read as follows:

  • Model: Original Jordan F1 199
  • Drivers: Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Damon Hill
  • Finished 3rd in the Constructor Championship in 1999, with 2 wins and 6 podium finishes in the same year.

Rio Carnival 2013 Competition

Julian Pencilliah and The Jetstream team built a campaign around the Rio Carnival chapter in The Jetstream of Success, running a competition that enabled one lucky person and their partner to experience the exotic Rio Carnival and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Carnival 2013

Undress Your Beliefs

  • The Jetstream team enlisted the help of celebrities, who included Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Scott Disick and Lo Bosworth.
  • In January 2013, Lauren Marie McCaleb (San Francisco) and her partner, Charles Mazzei, were announced as the winners of the competition. Ecstatic at the opportunity, they jetted off to the Rio Carnival with Julian and the media team. The extravagant experience included business class flights, accommodation at the iconic Copacabana Palace Hotel, box seats at the Rio Carnival and helicopter tours of the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.
  • The success of the competition was very evident through increased online engagement and brand traction during its course.
  • Julian Pencilliah and The Jetstream of Success’ online presence gained a substantial number of social media followers, creating phenomenal awareness on several online platforms.

Kardashian tweets

The Jetstream Show

The Jetstream team hosted events in the wake of the successful launch of The Jetstream of Success book. From sound engineers to videographers and copywriters to theatrical directors, The Jetstream team collaborated to produce these spectacular events.

Audiences were invited to exclusive red carpet evenings that introduced them to The Jetstream of Success experience.

Each night’s program was filled with intellectual entertainment that captivated audiences with its rich allure and astounding presentation.

Audiences were mesmerized and pronounced the show to have been a monumental success. This resulted in massive brand traction for the book, which led to some successful corporate deals and assisted the growth of the online social interaction.

Live pics from the event

The Jetstream Show
Legends Create History Everyday

A Night of Sophistication

 Snippets from The Jetstream Show

Fear is just a message Chapter 7: The Great White Dive
A journey of self-discovery Chapter 1: Pinnacle of Success
Student of your own history

Chapter: The Great White Dive

In this chapter, Julian Pencilliah goes face-to-face with the Great White in the depths of the Atlantic. The Great White shark is one of the most-feared predators in the world. Julian decided to accept the challenge and delve into the mysteries of this unforgiving creature: “It is as though God created the devil and gave him JAWS …”, to quote from the screenplay of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 motion picture.

Imagine this: a 2.2 ton, 6 meter long predator that can swim at speeds of up to 42 kilometers per hour. In The Jetstream of Success, Julian reveals that, “there is a mysterious beauty in this moment of coming face-to-face with a Great White”.

Using the analogy of coming face-to-face with your greatest fears, Julian explains that “fear is just a message”. We can only appreciate our fears from a place of silence, from a depth and from timeless wisdom. It is only when we face our fears that we gain an inner poise to mobilize our lives and move on. It is in this moment that we are able to stitch together a sequence of insights that will propel our success.

View the images and the video that the media team captured of Julian’s pulsating dive with seven eager and viciously charging Great Whites.

Great White Shark Dive


Fear is our conflict with time.

Chapter: Line of Sight

In the chapter Line of Sight, Julian Pencilliah was invited by Virgin billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, to his private game reserve, Ulusaba, for the weekend.

Ironically, jetting away from the city to this “place of little fear”, one can’t help but feel an uncontrollable sense of fear, for this is the land where the Big Five roam freely against the backdrop of the African landscape.

While being driven on a game drive by Sir Richard Branson himself, Julian got to witness a prowling leopard focused intensely on hunting down its prey – a lone buck. He watched as the leopard waited patiently, calculated every move with remarkable precision, and stealthily moved each time its prey moved. The buck sensed danger and this instigated a race between predator and prey. An icy chill swept over the audience as each person decided whose side they were on; predator or prey. The race was a fierce struggle between predator and prey, as each moved through the air in leaps. The seconds passed in a prolonged and painful silence. The buck began to show fatigue. Four quick strides and the predator made its final powerful leap. It was all over in a moment.  The instinctive nature of the leopard was superior to that of the buck and with just one rapid, powerful leap, the predator was victorious.

The analogy in this chapter helps one to overcome the bias within one’s ego mind, rational mind and personal unconscious mind. The effect is to awaken an instinct within ourselves to engage more purposefully with our goals.

To the right are pictures from the actual day that Julian writes about in his book.

Ulusaba pics

Sir Richard Branson, Julian Pencilliah and Mike Higgins
An aerial shot of Ulusaba Game Reserve

Social Presence

Each campaign has proved to be tremendously successful, with Julian and the book’s social presence growing to over 420,000, offline corporate sales escalating, and The Jetstream of Success ranking in the Top 10 bestselling Self-help (Nonfiction) Kindle eBooks on for five consecutive months.

twit fol   fb fol



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